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Bo'ness & District Timeline
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Who's Who
in Bo'ness
80ad Agricola invades Scotland and erects a line of forts between Clyde and Forth. Click on underlined date for more information.

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Compiled by:
Ken Wright
(Last Revised
20 November 2000)
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142 Antonine Wall.
161 Antonine Wall Abandoned.
6th Century St. Serf reached the south shore of the Forth (where Bo'ness is now).
8th Century Kinneil Estate.
12th Century Salt Production.
12th Century Coal. Monks of Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh.
12th Century Kinneil Church
1314 Battle of Kinneil Muir.
1323 Kinneil Estate.
1329 Sir Gilbert Hamilton Gives The Funeral Oration At The Burial Of King Robert The Bruce At Dunfermline Abbey.
14th Century Blackness Castle.
1435 Coal and the Pope!
1454 Inveravon Castle.
1490 Sir David Falconer.
15th Century Carriden House.
16th Century Salt Production.
1601/2 Bo'ness Port.
1623 The Binns.
1634 Sea Box Society.
1634 The Church of Borrowstounness.
1638 National Covenant.
1645 Bo'ness Becomes Plague-Infected.
1647 Tolbooth.
1648 Witchcraft.
1650 Dymock's Building.
1651 General Lilbourne.
1661 The Population Of The Parish Of Kinneil Was 559.
1668 Bo'ness Becomes A Burgh Of Regality.
1670 First Bo'ness Fairs?
1679 Witchcraft.
1680 The Bo'ness Martyrs (or Covenanters).
1704 Witchcraft.
1707 Bo'ness Harbour.
1707 Custom House.
1711 Bo'ness Library.
1718 Dr John Roebuck.
1726 Daniel Defoe.
1733 Bo'ness Harbour.
1744 Beer Tax and Bo'ness Harbour.
1750's Shipbuilding.
1750 New Tolbooth.
1750 Bridgeness Tower.
1751 Whaling.
1759 Carron Company Established.
1759/60 First Masonic Lodge.
1760 Carron Company Iron Works.
1765 Dr. Black first introduced James Watt (b.1736, d. 1819) to Dr Roebuck.
1772 Tobacco Warehouse.
1774 Thirling Of Miners.
1779 First Miners Fair.
1780's The Borrowstounness Canal Company.
1784 Bo'ness Pottery Founded By Dr John Roebuck.
1787 Robert Burns.
1787 Bo'ness Harbour.
1790 Forth & Clyde Canal.
1794 John Anderson Merchant and Banker (b.1794 d.14th April 1870), "the King of Bo'ness".
1794 Fishing.
1796 Customs House.
Circa 1800 Distillery
Circa 1800 Body Snatching
Early 1800's Bridgeness Tower.
1801 Census.
1803 Salt Production.
1808 Admiral Sir James Hope.
1810 Grangemouth gets its own Custom House.
1812 Henry Bell. The "Comet" (one of the first practical steam powered boats).
1813 Bo'ness Whisky
1818 Union Canal
1818 The New Shotts Iron Company.
1831 The First Outbreak Of Cholera.
1836 First Bo'ness Iron Foundry.
1842 Bo'ness Gas Company.
1843 Kinneil furnaces.
~1850 Second outbreak of Cholera.
1850's Whaling.
1851 Census.
1851 Kinneil Railway.
1858 Town Bands.
1859 Indian Mutiny.
1860 Second Masonic Lodge.
1870's Pit Prop Industry.
1876 Bo'ness Harbour.
1878 Bo'ness Journal.
1882/3 Town Hall.
1885 Craigmailen United Free Church.
1887 Bo'ness Old Kirk.
1887 The Journal & Gazette.
1887 Jubilee Drinking Fountain.
1890 Forth Rail Bridge.
1890's Birkhill Clay Mine.
1891 Anchor Tavern.
1891 Census.
1893 Whaling.
1896 Kinneil Mine/Bridgeness Mine.
1894 Reformation of the Miners Fair.
1897 Bo'ness Children's Fair.
1899 Baltic Whart (Matthew Steele, Architect)
1900 The Glebe Park.
1901 Census.
1902 Bandstand.
1904 Town Hall.
1905 St Andrews Church.
1905 Sea Box Society.
1907 Mathew Steele.
1907 Foreign trade.
1908 Masonic Lodge.
1909 Carriden Church.
1910 Masonic Lodge.
1910 The Battle of Slaghill.
1911 Population of Bo'ness 14,034.
1911 Hippodrome Cinema.
1912 Shops on register at 31st December.
1913/14 The Last Miners Fair.
1914 World War I.
1917 The Pavilion Cinema.
1917 Victoria Cross and Captain Strachan.
1920 Coal Mining in Spitzbergen.
1921 Census.
1926? Star Cinema.
1928 Thomas Foye swam the Forth.
1930's Dam the Forth!
1931 Census.
1933 Kinneil Estate.
1935-48 Bo'ness Harbour.
1936 Kincardine Bridge.
1945 World War II.
1949 Paton and Baldwins.
1951 Census.
1951 Kinneil Colliery.
1951 Kinneil Church.
1959 Bo'ness Harbour
1960 Bo'ness Potteries.
1961 Census.
1963 Fisons Chemical Works.
1963 Forth & Clyde Canal.
1963 Bo'ness Potteries.
1964 Kinneil Colliery links up with Low Valleyfield.
1964 Forth Road Bridge.
1965 Union Canal.
1971 Census.
1978 Kinneil Roman Fortlet
1979 Bo'ness Recreation Centre.
1979 The Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway.
1981 Census.
1983/4 Masonic.
1984 Ken Wright Swims The Forth.
1984 Martial Arts.
1985 Kinneil Bar.
1985 Victorian Street Fair.
1989 Bo'ness Docks.
1998 Brian's Café Opens.
Further Reading:
Borrowstounness And District
by Thomas J. Salmon
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The Third Statistical Account Of Scotland Volume Xxi The County Of West Lothian Section: Parishes Of Bo'ness And Carriden
by Rev. John F. Bayne Pre 1964 And W. F. Hendrie From 1964
Bo'ness 300 Years
by William Fyfe Hendrie
Reminiscences - Bo'ness From 1900 To 1939
by Charles Martin
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